Next December we will start the first RN27 Webinar Series which will consist of three webinars to be held in the months of December 2022 and February and May 2023. Until our next meeting in presence at the next RN27 MID-TERM Conference, the committee has thought of new ways to communicate and exchange knowledge on ways of approaching research as well as the dissemination of the results of our research.

The webinars will be broadcast on our future YouTube channel (under construction) which can also be accessed from the RN27 website. Specifically, the topics to be addressed are the following:

  1. Southern Europe after the Pandemic. The Social Landscape after the pandemic crisis in southern European societies in December.
  2. The Southern European Societies Series with Edward Elgar. February 2023. The goal of this webinar is to present some of the books that have been published in the Series. This webinar will also approach tools and tips on how to publish in the Series.
  3. How to publish in International Journals. May 2023. This webinar will be oriented toward Early career scholars.


More information and the date of the first webinar will be delivered in the next few days!

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